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Ivano and his family today are at the Go Rome City Tour.
Carrying on a family tradition of 4 generations of driver guides, starting from my great-grandfather, my grandfather, and my father, since 1999 I took over the family business and decided to call ourselves the Driver Guide Service with excellent results and thousands of clients who choose to visit Rome with the real Romans, always punctual, professional, and original in our tours.
Change of Skin… The Driver Guide Service becomes Go Rome City Tours!
New and unique experiences, unforgettable moments to share with the people you love.
In addition to our limo van services, I also want to guide you with our ultra-modern golf carts through the small streets of Rome, in our brand new Vespa Sidecarts, and let you relive the sweet Roman life, and why not aboard my 1970 vintage Fiat 500, for an aperitif while enjoying the sunset.
A team of 9 dynamic, passionate, professional people with excellent training in customer care!
I am Ivano di Iacovo. Today I am Go Rome City Tours.